List of free people locator services

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It is safe to say that people searches are one of the important searches available online. This is because of the number of sites that are available on the internet for such a service.

Each and every one of them promises to give you more information than the other through its unique search abilities. 

Unique as they are, they happen to be free too. No matter what little information you have, you are on your way to a result on these sites.

Since the number of people search sites is more than all ten fingers and ten toes we are going to use the White Pages for showing how to do a search on them. They are all outlined mostly the same way too. They let you search with a name, city, state or county/ zip code/ area code, phone number, email address, some even cell phone numbers. Details you will come across include full names, phone numbers, addresses and more.

The Search Engine List

You will find the search engines listed and given a brief description from They are listed according to their rating or popularity among internet users. I’m quite confident that some of the listed search engines from here you have never heard of.

25 People Search Engines

Here is a list of 25 of some of the best search engines around on They are divided into different categories, for example, there are sites that can let you know who is online, sites that can help you find classmates, military friends, White Pages Directories and more. They also link you to these sites if you are willing to check them out.

Search Military Records

There are sites which are dedicated to military records data. You can search from them for any information on people who were in the military. The searches from the sites listed by are on the US military and are free of charge. Reconnect with these sites with friends from the army from here.

Check How They Rate

DeleteMe experts remove people’s information from websites. They have rated these sites according to performance. They also give you details on how these sites behave and what to expect from them. They give the best and the worst people search sites. You can find all this from

The list of the sites suggested above is as plenty as you might imagine. You can take a pick on the one that best suite you. If you do not find what you are looking for, there are plenty others to try. Picking up a site will depend on the information you have for a search.




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