Best free people locator site 

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Are you looking to find someone? Are you looking to find the best site to help you do that? A site that would give you instant results rather than going from site to site with no success? Well, this article is targeted at discussing just that. There are so many websites out there which promise to give you comprehensive results only to find yourself hitting a wall on them.

It is a good thing to try and find out about sites so as to avoid wasting time on sites that give no results. You might also find yourself landing on sites that will need you to pay for information.

Then again to find the best people locator depends on the information you are searching with or are looking to find. For example, if you are searching with a name you mind use Google and find results if the person’s name is not that common. There are sites which are specifically dedicated to helping you locate people online

Best Free Site to Search by Name, Address, Phone number

Choosing the best free people search site is difficult because there are so many to pick from. The most commonly used will be the White Pages, offering people, business, phone number and zip/ area code searches. But one cannot overlook the ability of search sites like which lets you search from the deep web. You can do an email search too from here. These people locators vary by the services they provide. It makes it hard to pinpoint one that you can use.

A look at the best and the worst sites

If you could visit you will find discussed there are the best and the worst sites with explanations. They discuss what they are and what to expect from them. Find out how sites “steal” and information and “sell” it online. Learn how they also rob you of your money. You will find the “good” and “bad” boys of the people search business from here.

Family History Search

With a free 14 day trial subscription on you can find about someone’s ancestry details which includes family history. If that’s the types search you are looking for, this is your best option.

Social Networks

Social networking mediums like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn cannot be overlooked too. Most people are members on them and are good sources of personal information. Then again it depends on whether the person is registered on them or not.

Search by SSN

Your best option for SSN search is You will find information like the person’s, name, previous and current addresses, phone numbers and more details associated with the SSN.

Depending on the information for your search and the type of look up you want to conduct one of the above listed places is your destination.




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