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If you have landed on this page then you are probably looking for a totally free people locator online.Let me say that you have come to the right place. We have helped millions of people to locate  their missing relatives, friends, colleagues, old school mate i.e. classmates and more.This page is for those who have the following question:

How can i locate someone free of charge or at no charge?

We have done this in various ways. Mainly through our trusted partners like – FREE People Search and other paid serviceslike USsearch . However, our main focus over the past years has been to help people through providing content that can help as a content based free online people locator.

There are two ways that you can use to locate people online. That is, you can eighter pay for it or do it at no cost. Let us consider the free alternative briefly.

Locate people without paying any money

This simply means you can use a totally free people locator online to search for whoever you are looking for at no charge. Now this can be tricky because there are so many services that you can use. This is where we come in. Most of these free people locator services will provide you with very basic information and require you to pay for further information. You need to be able to find those that you can use to locate people without paying for further information.

There are plenty of such online. In fact you can use them to find people's phone numbers, cellphone number, email address, previous address and more. In fact you can even use them to find out who is looking you up or who is viewing your profile online. Interesting isn't.

While you can use the totally free people locator available on this site to locate people on the web free you can also try out these few FREE People Search tips:

Use search engines like Google to find anyone free online. There are some search operators that Google and other search engines provide in order to search for people free online.

Use social networking sites: Websites like Facebook has over 200 millions people registered and you there are some various products that you can use to sift through those millions for free. In fact there is a program that you can use to sift through all the top social networks instantly to locate someone free online.

You can also use whitepages available online. Although this is not a full proof strategy to use when you are looking for someone for free but it is certainly worth a try
Do what we do, use an online free people locator like the one provided in this page above. This is the fastest and easiest way to do it. Sometimes they may ask you to register in order to access their database.

Our recommendation is that you sign up – that is if you are really serious about locating someone free of charge.





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