How to Find Out Who Called You  

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How to find out who called? Well there are a couple of things you may need to know before you start your search. One of the important things to note about phone searches is that if the number you are looking for is not listed then chances of you finding the owner are slim.

Who Called

With the right mobile phone possessing, good internet connection and a comprehensive browser, you can use the apps that have been developed for modern browsers to assist you on how to find people for free. In all honesty finding out who called you is not such a difficult task in this day and age: This guide will tell you about the methods you can use.

Classic Methods Of How to Find Out Who Called

I have had my fair share of stalkers in my lifetime, but that is probably not your current problem; you may just want to find out who it is that called for whatsoever reason. You are most likely familiar with the most famous feedback  given to this query which is the one and only *69 method (whereby you dial *69 and the number that last called you is replayed for you).

You can also ask for caller ID from your service provider; what this alternative does is that you get a registry of the name, time and number of every single one of your calls. These are methods that have been around even before the mobile phone era. So if you want to find out who called, then you should give this method a try.

Free Site You Can Use To Find Out Who Called

You can also give whocallsme  a chance as well. This website uses the reverse number lookup method to get the identity of the phantom caller you may have.

This site’s database has mostly user generated data in its inventory; the numbers posted up here are of telemarketers, charities, political surveyors, SCAM artist, non-profit organizations and other organizations that disconnect as soon as you answer, never leave a message and basically take time away from your day that you can never get back.

Basically, should you have come across a strange number on your phone, got an unwelcome SMS text and would like to get information on the strange digits, high chances someone else is also trying to do the same.

Use this site to view the reports of other individuals. If there isn’t anything posted up yet you can leave a comment to kick of a conversation. 

Mobile App to Find Out Who Called

Another alternative you have to catching that caller whose identify seems to elude you is getting an application for your laptop, personal computer or mobile phone. As mentioned earlier technology has truly advanced.

For your mobile phone you have the option of using the TrueCaller  app. This application is compatible with most of the mobile OS including Symbian, Android, Iphone, Windows Mobile and others.

The piece of software was created by Swedish company Software Scandinavia AB; its features are that it has the ability to show you who the caller is when you receive an incoming call from a number that is not stored or saved in your phonebook.

It also has the Call Blocker function which gives you the ability to sanction numbers you don’t want calling you. This is a comprehensive app that can help you if you want to know how to find out who called you.

Windows Computer App To Find Out Who Called

There are also quite a few software developed  out there with the ability of pulling caller ID’s. One that comes from a trusted distributer of software’s is call trace 1.0 beta 5 from SOFTPEDIA .

Developed by digital room, it is freeware meaning you don’t have to pay a cent, just download the 1.5mb file that will run on your windows based OS. The software has received softpedia’s award of approval stating the software has no spyware, no viruses and no adware.

The above mentioned methods are all free. I hope that one of the above listed methods will be of high assistance. There are other options that will be pointed out in the additional information section of this article, but these alternatives will require some form of payment…I know the freebee run ends here.


  • You have a lot of sites that offer the service of finding the caller ID of an unknown number that may have called you: one of them being 
  • Other classic options are *69 and requesting caller ID from your service provider. 
  • Truecaller is an app that may be used on your mobile phone and also has the ability to block incoming calls. 
  • Call trace among other software can be installed on your desktop or laptop to find out who called you.    

Additional Information 

The opinions here are for the more advanced computer users or anyone who understands basic programming. Tom Kyte on his blog goes over a computer language he wrote to assist you in finding who called you. He has worked for oracle since 1993 and has some other interesting publications .





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