Signs that someone is married 

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People might hide their marital status for many reasons. If you are suspecting such is happening with someone you know or are involved with follow these steps which might be helpful.

I can’t imagine how it might feel to be in love with someone and then find out that they are married. But I know it’s a good recipe for sleepless nights.

As the saying goes, there is no smoke without fire, so let’s find out where the fire is that is giving all this smoke. There are signs that might give a person away to show whether they are married or not.

It is a wise thing to get to the bottom of such an issue before it escalates into something that will leave individuals with broken hearts. Much worse it might result to grievous bodily harm. Imagine if you were a man, involved with a gangster’s wife, or you are a women involved with a psycho’s husband. All hell will break lose in such a situation. Try these suggestions and verify that relationship. 

Advice from Experts 

There is no advice or information that you can use than from people who have been there, done that and people who have studied these types of situations. You will find it all put together for you from There is advice from PhD doctors, a former police officer who owns a check a date service, people who dated married men and more. Their advice will come in handy and give you a peace of mind. 

12 Helpful Steps 

You will find some 12 steps that might give you a clue to your problem from They involve tricks you can try when you are with the person or tips that might suggest the person is indeed married. They are an eye opener, I must say, as we all know love is blind. Go through them and try to see if they make sense. 

Red Flags 

Mindy R. Smith presents ten “red flags” that show if a women is dating a married man. They may apply to the opposite sex too but they are based on males. This is because as Mindy puts it “men enjoy relationships with no attachment more than women”. You can also find comments by readers at the end of the article and learn what others think and their experiences. 

You can try using the steps and tricks provided by the sites above and bring back those peace nights with little or no headaches. They will also help you avoid wasting time on a futureless relationship. 




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