How to find out if someone is married free 

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I can think of a dozen of reasons that might make you seek to find marriage information on an individual. People might lie about their marriage status. You might be wondering if your long lost friend is married or not by now.

The main issue here is finding whether a person is married or not. So whatever the reason behind that need comes later. So let’s look at the ways you can try on how to find out if someone is married for free online. We will look at the methods to try out and the sites that might be helpful for your look up.

Use Simple Methods

There are a few tricks you can try if you suspect that the person you are with is married. You can try looking for the wedding ring tanline on their finger. If it’s there then the person might be married or divorced. Then you might ask them the truth about that.

 Try meeting other important people in their lives also since they might have information on the person. You can also go through their contact list on their phones and call suspicious numbers. There are a few simple tricks that you can try out from Wiki How too.

Check on Social Sites

You can try to verify on social sites that the person is affiliated to. People normally state their marriage statuses on social sites. This can work for a long lost friend or a partner that you are currently with. Type in the name of the person on the sites search box and search.

Visit Court Houses

You can visit in person the nearest court house to where the person might have got married from for marriage records. Court houses keep marriage records so they are your best bet. You can ask for the marriage license here too.

Search from Marriage Records

If court houses and the other tricks do not work you can go online to marriage records sites and look up from them. Your first stop should be on Marriage Records. You can search by the state you think the person got married from here. You will find details like date of marriage and place where the marriage took place. There are also divorce records from this site.

Department of Vital State Records

You can do your search from the Department of Vital Records too. You can search here using the state where the marriage must have taken place. There are instructions to follow for your search on their home page. Records found here are from birth, marriage and death.

If all fails you can try services of an investigator which might cost you. These steps will give you a result because every marriage is recorded in the country.




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