Find Marriage Records By State 

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Marriage records are kept in every state where they took place all over the country. You can have access to them by following this guide on how to find marriage records by state. So whether you are looking to verify a suspicious partner or are looking to find out information on your long lost friend, they have the records for you. Follow this guide and land on marriage information on the person.

These records are not as easy as to get hold of as you might think but these methods will give you a result on such a search. We will start by looking at offline options that might work for you.

Court Houses

Court houses are the places which keep these records. So if you know which state the person got married from, you can visit that area’s state court house for your records. Information that you might find there involve date of marriage, age, marriage license, close relatives, place of marriage and more.

Other Places to Consider

Other good places that keep these types of records include State Archives, City and County civil Registrations, Church Records of Marriages among them. You can visit these places in person to look up the records.

Search from Background Check

You can try a marriage records search on To search from here you will have to click on the state that you want to search from. Then go to marriage records. Under “total records found” browse down to the location you want to look up from. You can then use the page that shows up to search with. Enter the person’s details and search.

Department of Vital Records

The Department of vital Records also keeps records on marriages. When searching for marriage records here you need to specify the State you want to look up from. In fact on Google’s search bar, type in “department of vital records” and search. The various departments of vital records will show up. Choose the one that best fits your search needs.

Once you have chosen the state you can then click on it. From the results, click on marriage records/ certificates. From there you will get information on how to find marriage details in that particular State.

Looking Up Relatives

For marriage details on family members you can try Upon reaching the site, click on the “search” option and search. Go to the “birth, marriage and death” option. From the search box that show up fill in your details and search. You can also look up other people’s family records by choosing “public member tress” from the search option.

You can also search from Enter the details you have on the person which are names and location. If you are familiar with an important event in their lives you can also include it in your search as well as your relationship to them.  

You might consider using regular search sites too for your search. They might give you a positive outcome too. There are also paid sites that you can try out which have more comprehensive information.

Marriage records are not easy to come by online and in most cases it would be a good idea to visit the places that keep such records.




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