How to do a people search on  

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Founded in February 2005, Zabasearch is a site that claims to have been receiving more traffic than Yahoo by May 2005. This search engine provides free look ups but also directs searchers to Intelius for more data.

 Information from this search engine is from government and corporate databases which is information available to the public. Zabasearch lets you search information on US residents which include first and last names, current and previous phone numbers, current and previous addresses and date of birth.

It also lets you get data from other search sites to obtain information like satellite photos of addresses and do criminal checks on individuals. So let’s look at how do to do a people search on

Depending on the type of information at your disposal, with a name, address, phone number and location, you are on your way to a result on Zabasearch.It’s always a good idea to utilize as much details as possible on the person you are looking for in your search so as to filter your search results.Those extra details can make you arrive at your answer quicker.

You can also look up a phone number from their reverse phone number look up option. With only the phone number in your possession you can come up with details that include the owner’s name and address and other details.

It is also possible to edit and update your own details from this search engine. This is a good move since the information on the site will be rich if people are able to update it. This will result in better search outcomes.

Another favourable application is the ability to send you an email every time someone searches for you or someone you know on their search engine. All you have to do is register for their ZabaSphere to access this service.

Another exciting service is the email service, where you leave an email on the search engine with details on the individual you are looking to locate. If someone happens to know the person they will then contact you. You can also look up emails that have been posted about you or someone you know on this site too. You might consider this service on how to do a people search on Zabasearch.

Results from a search from this search engine include first and last name, phone number, addresses, birth details, area codes and more all for free. This is the type of information that the search engine is dedicated on gathering.

The above information is an attempt on answering how to do a people search on Zabasearch. These methods and suggestions are sure to provide a positive outcome as they have done so for others.




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