How to look for people using 

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Founded in 2004, is a search engine that operates a little bit different from numerous search engines out there. The search results are from input from the public on the internet.

These are examples like social bookmarking, blocking result normally regarded as spam, and voting up or down. All this data create the search engine’s data information. will let you look up from social sites as well as let you do a web search.

This search engine caught the eye of Business 2.0 who labeled it as “an innovator in social search.” Let us now look at how to look for people using the best way.

You can find details on people from a search from here using a name, email, phone number, username and more. Results may include data like phone number, location, photos, websites, work or school and other details.

This is a screen shot of’s home page. You can then use any of the links to conduct your searches from here. You can do a people search, email search, background check, find friends phone number or even find out who is online at that given moment.

You can search on a number of social sites from this location without having to go to each one of them. These are your Facebook, MySpace, LinkedIn, Twitter, Bebo, Friendster and more.

When conducting a people search, you only need to provide the details of the individual you are looking to find in the search box and search. This also goes for all the other types of searches you can conduct from this site. The more details you provide the better your search will be. They also provide tips for a career search too, to locate former co-workers or when trying to find a job. Such a search option can also come in handy for employers who are looking to hire for company positions.

You are also able to search for people with similar interests as you from here. So if you are looking for doctors or researchers, for example, you can try that type of look up. This is another method on how to find people using

Another trick to try is to do a look up by age or gender, marital status which is possible from here. Since most information is from social sites where people give such details, it is possible to come up with a positive result. These types of look ups can be very helpful since people tend to use other usernames than their names on social sites.

A look up from is free but if you are looking to get more details on an individual you will need to obtain it at a certain fee from the site’s partners. These are details like public records, phone numbers, background look ups and addresses.

These tricks can be the right direction to your goal on how to look for people using You can also search in other countries from here. This search engine will give you all data from most of the social sites and the web available online.




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