How to search for people on

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Founded in 1997, the White Pages is said to be the most prominent database that has contact information on people and businesses in the US. Their information ranges from details on people like addresses, phone numbers and details on businesses that are found in the US. So whether you are looking to find information on any individual or business in the US, the White Pages is the right destination.

Their mobile apps have made it possible to also do a mobile number look up. You can also access White Pages information from your smart phone. Let’s now take a closer look at how to search for people on

The White Pages acts like a directory service of organisations like the United States Postal Service and MSN.

It will all depend on the type of search you are looking to conduct which will be highly determined by the type of information in your possession. It is often a good idea to use as much information in your possession as possible to narrow your search results.

The above picture is a screen shot of what you will find upon reaching their site for a look up. You can also perform a business look up, reverse phone and address searches as well as mobile look ups from here too.

This is an example of what their people or name search link option looks like. You just enter the individual’s first and last name, city, state, zip code if available, then press search.

The business search option looks like the above example. With a category or the name of the business, you are on your way to a result. So if you are familiar with the person’s profession you can give this type of search a shot. This search option also let you search by city.

This is a snap shot of the Reverse Phone Number look up from the white pages. You can find out who called or text you from this type of search. You can use this option too on how to search for people on if you have their phone number.

These are some of the phone apps that you can use on your phone from the White Pages depending on the type of information you are looking to find.

With just an address, you can find out who lives in that particular area from the white pages.

There are a few steps one can also follow to edit or delete their data from the white pages.

These are some of the methods on how to search for people on White Pages. You can also visit their blog page for more information. The White Pages has taken the people search business to the next level with the smart phone apps. It is really an amazing thought to know that you can now search the White Pages from your phone.




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