Ways to search for people on Spokeo 

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Spokeo comes as a very comprehensive search engine. This we will see as we look at the ways to search for people on Spokeo in the next paragraphs. This is a free people search engine that uses its deep web crawlers to come up with public information from online and offline sources.

These are sources like social networks, phone directories, government censuses, real estate listings, photo albums to name a few.

This company was launched in 2006 and is now able to give you demographic data, estimated property, social profiles on people and wealth values.

All data on Spokeo can also be obtained from its sources. They do not come up with it but gather it without modifying it. This is also data that is mostly provided by individuals on the internet freely.

You can conduct a search on Spokeo by name, email, phone, username, address, state, and city. The results from a search from here are organized by location. Results from a search from here include phone numbers, addresses; they even give credit estimate, investments, and data from social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, LinkIn and more.

There are paid offers that this site provides that one can utilize which include name, address, phone, and email with an import feature that will give you data from social sites and email contacts.

Their “Friend List” service introduced in 2008 was able to provide updates on those profiles which have been changed so as to allow users to have relevant information at all times.

The Username search service introduced in 2010 enabled users to search from social networks, dating sites, blogs, photo albums, video sites, music networks and more, for information. This feature can come in handy on the ways to search for people on Spokeo.

It is possible to also remove your personal data from this search engine. The search engine also provides an option where you can log out which is found on their “privacy” link.

There are individuals who felt like the site is invading their privacy. They felt that the site also displays personal information which is private on social networks was public on Spokeo. The people at Spokeo claim that their web crawler is able to detect data which is private and which is public.

The company has faced complaints from the Centre for Democracy and Technology in conjunction with the Federal Trade Commission for providing credit information without controls from the Fair Credit Reporting Act.

In June 2012 the Federal Trade Commission fined Spokeo for $800,000 for gathering data and selling it to potential employers regardless of those individuals privacy.

Despite all the trouble the search engine has faced, it still it provides some search results that are comprehensive. The above methods are some of the ways to search for people on Spokeo that you can try out.




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