How to use to search for people

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Jeffery Tinsley founded this company in 2002 as Its business success venture was acquiring sites like and

While still operating as, the site came into agreement with wink in April 2007 to have access to their online social networks people profiles and other information they might need. In August 2007 Reunion entered into another deal with Zoominfo to have access to their business info on people for Reunion’s use.

You can imagine how much data you will have access to then. Let’s look at how to use to search for people the best way.

Their services include people look ups, social dashboard, public record remover, who is searching for you and QuickMatch singles. Those are the search services found on this site. Let’s us look at each at a time.

This is a screen shot of what you will find once you log in to their site. You can search for just about anybody from their more than “700 million free and premium listings”. When looking up an individual you will have to provide details like first and last name, age and location. It is best to provide as much details as possible to better your search. You can register for free to see who is in their listing. You will need to provide an annual fee to able to utilize their email and other services.

The good thing about this site is you not only find people here but also keep in touch with them through their social media service, more like a social network. 

To find out who was searching for you can use the look yourself up option on their home page which link to something like the above example. You can then provide details on yourself and find out. You can also edit info on yourself, get alerts for searches on you and view who is looking up your friends.

You can also view your emails from The social dashboard will let manage all your emails and social sites info in one location with a single password to worry about. You can connect to any social site from and view all your updates. When someone post or respond on either Facebook, Twitter LinkedIn a summary of your notifications is sent to you.

A lot of people find it a bit of invasion of privacy that their details are available from It is possible to remove your information from this site. They provide easy to follow steps here on that.

These are some tips that will hopefully assist you on how to use to search for people. There are also steps one can follow to cancelled paid or premium subscription from Refund.




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