The different ways to use to search for people on 

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Founded by AT&T, acts as an online directory. Its data is provided by the yellow pages and white pages for people to access. You can go through their yellow pages and white pages, to locate individuals using their names, addresses, details on businesses or just look up a phone number.

The site is updated weekly to stay relevant with information from across the country.     The next paragraphs will look at the many different ways to use to search for people on on the web.

The services provided by this site are free of charge too.

To find a person on this site you will have to provide details like first and last name, city or ZIP code if available then the state where they might be. Remember, the more information you provide the better or quicker the results.

This is a screen shot of search by address option. You will have to provide the street name, city and state for a search from here. You will find further instructions upon reaching this search option for your look up.


It is advised that you enter the full 10 digit number plus the area code when conducting a phone number look up on this site.


It is also possible to find a business from a look up from here. You search using either the name of the business or the category it falls under plus the location. Results from here include information on the business as well as maps.

It is also possible to look up a business with only a phone number at hand. This will give you results like names and its location.

Be careful though especially if you own a business because there are scammers out there who will contact you requesting to advertise your business on such sites as or


The reverse phone number search does not include cell phone look ups though. You only have to type in the phone number you are looking up and will look it up from the white pages and give you the results. There are also other types of searches from here like area/ zip code look up and maps .

These are the different ways to use to search for people on you can try out for your look up. All the searches from here will give you details on people from databases like the reliable white pages and yellow pages. The site is said to be not as easy to use but is well known for producing excellent results.





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