Missing Persons Resources  

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There are quite a number of resources that you can use to look for missing people. These resources are mainly sites that you can use from reporting the person (missing person’s report) to searching for the person. I hope this guide on missing person’s resources will be helpful to you.

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The Nation’s Missing Children Organization

One of the places that you can use is The Nation’s Missing Children Organization (NMCO) which only started accepting adult cases in 1995. This organization works with government entities offering services for missing adults and their families. It is located in Phoenix, AZ and you can get hold of them on (800) 690-3463.

The National Center for Missing adults

This organization helps in tracking missing adults. It was formed as a response to the disappearance of a former college student who disappeared without a trace in 1997 (23 June). There were not many resources available to search for her. In 2005, the federal funding for the center ran out, but it has continued with volunteer efforts.

The first national clearinghouse for missing adults

This center is a central storehouse of info that is available to the public, medical examiners, support groups and the law enforcement. They also offer technical assistance and support to families dealing with the loss of a missing person.

The National Missing Person’s Database

This is a powerful resource that helps family members, medical examiners, law enforcements and other members of the community (justice community) enter information about a missing person. Even though this place has been around for a short time, it helps provide links together with contact information to authorities on local and state level for all the fifty states. Here you can add new missing people with their details and photographs. You can also do a quick missing person’s search.

These are some of the missing person’s resources that you can use. Before you start using these resources, note that; if you have an argument with your kid and they storm out because they are angry, they are not missing and thus you can’t report them missing but you can go after them and talk to them. If you are a runaway juvenile’s legal guardian and you know their whereabouts, they are not missing, you just have to find a way to talk to them to come back home. There are resources available that you can use for these certain situations.

You can find more resources by simply Googling them but we suggest you take the time to complete ourmissing persons seriesfirst.




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