Filing a Missing Person Report  

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When a friend or relative or even someone you know goes missing, the first thing you are advised to do is file a missing person report. Well that is after you are sure that the person is really missing.

The report will comprise of a number of things that I will talk about below. You can file it with the police or on,I know you have been advised that you have to wait for 48 hours before you can report a person missing.But you are advised to call 911 immediately if you believe the person you are reporting may be at risk

(i.e. below the age of 14, the person is suicidal, they disappear under suspicious circumstances or if they have a serious medical condition that needs attention) and explain their status.

Before you file a missing person report, make sure that you have searched to make sure that the individual you want is not with friends or relatives. You can probably try to track his or her phone (see the guide). Also check any likely place that they may go to. If the person has run away or has been reported missing before, first check the places where they were found. You can apply interesting methods to do this such as skip tracing. Also check health centers and hospitals. You can also check police holdings to see if the person is not there.  Here are more ideas on where to find anyone anywhere (this is a generic article about free people searching; You can read a missing persons guide here, which is more directly related to what you are probably looking for).

Missing person report information

Now that you are sure that the person is missing, you can file a report in the jurisdiction where the missing person resides. On the report, you have to give your information such as your home, business and cell phone number, your occupation, your employer and your relationship to the missing person.

On the missing person’s information, you will need to provide the following details;

(note: each link will take you to a full guide on how to source that particular information. That is, if you don’t have it at hand)

*       Full name

*       Nickname(s)

*       Aliases

*       Safe word (and state who else  knows it)

*       Primary language

*       Home address

*        Local/business address

*       Home and business phone number

*       Cell phone and other numbers

*       Email address

Missing person Description

When it comes to their description, you have to provide info such as;

û   Age

û  Race

û  Gender

û  Height

û  Weight

û  Date of birth

û  Build

û  Hair color, length and style (and if they are balding you will have to describe that)

û  Eye color and if they wear glasses, are they regular, sun or if they use contacts. Also describe the glasses and their eyesight without the glasses

û  Facial features and shape

û  Complexion

û  Distinguishing marks and scars

û  General appearance.

Once you have filled in the above, you have to give detailed description of the clothes they wore when they were last seen. You can include the brand, style, colors, pattern and size. Also include foot wear and any other accessories that person had on. Remember to add anything they may have been carrying (i.e. backpack, pocketbook, cell phone, wallet, pager, camera) and describe the contents of each of them. 

Details of Loss

Now that you are done describing the person, you have to proceed to talk about information like;

ü  Location the person went missing from

ü  Where they were last seen

ü  The day or date they were last seen

ü  The person who last saw them

ü  Was the person accompanied by animal(s), if yes, describe them

ü  If the person was driving, describe the vehicle

ü  Destination you think they went to and their possible routes

ü  What the weather was like when they went missing

ü  The events of the last 24 hours before the person went missing

ü  Who reported them missing and why, their relationship with the missing person and where they can be reached in the next 12 hours

You have to add their experience. This will include where they reside, how long they have been living there, their previous residence, how long they resided there as well as theirbirthplace. If the missing individual has been the object of a search in the past, then you have to state that and describe the circumstances of the loss, how long they went missing and where and when they were found. If possible, you can add any actions taken by the subject while they were missing.

Also add their physical, mental and emotional health as well as their medications (prescription and non prescription). After providing all these data, the police will then give you a case number that you can use to follow the case. This process is similar to when you create a  missing person list




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