How to Add A Missing Person to a missing persons list 

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In this quick guide I will quickly outline what you need to do to get to a missing persons list. This is part of the complete missing persons guide or series available here on You can access the entire missing persons articles here . In the guide we also go through other actions that you can take to increase your chances of finding the person you are looking for.

Take note that you can’t add a person to a missing person list if you are looking for someone that owes you money or even child support. That may require a different approach, and you will need to use different people finder tools.

Even though you will be providing the information that will be used, the law enforcement creates the missing person list. This list is similar to a missing person’s report,which we discuss here. To add the person you want to the list, you will need to provide information such as their most recent photo, their basic information(full name,date of birth, nicknamesif available, height, weight, age, build, hair color and length, eye color, tattoos, scars or birthmarks, what they were wearing, where they were last seen and any information that you think might be useful. If you have limited information, you can try out our guide on finding a person’s profile or information online. This is not guaranteed to work every time but it’s certainly worth the effort. You can also read this article on how to jog your memory when it matters.

So what goes into a missing person’s list and what does it look like?

A missing person’s list usually consists of a summary, description and photos.  Simple yes but it can be quite effective – especially if accurate descriptions and information was presented.

Missing person summary 

The summary tells you who is handling the case (e.g. The Rowan County Sheriff's Office, the Federal Bureau of Investigation, and the North Carolina State Bureau of Investigation), when the person was reported missing and the last time the person was seen. Even though the police/law enforcement take down the information you provide, they first have to make sure the data is true and accurate before they can work on the case.

Missing person description 

This is the description of the person. It usually has details such as the eyes, the date of birth, height, weight, build, sex, race, and the person’s full name. This information makes it easy for the public to recognize the person in case they see them.

The photos are just different pictures of the person in different angles. It really helps if these are recent pictures. If you do not have recent pictures, then you can bring in any picture you have. You can also look for pictures where the person may be wearing the same or similar clothes as they were wearing when they went missing. There are very effective ways to find a person’s picture through the internet.




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