Guide To Finding People on Gmail  Free of Charge 

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In this part of the Google people search series, we will look at Gmail people search. A larger percentage of people are now using  Gmail   for communication. Some use  Yahoo  and others use company domain addresses or similar ones anyway. Gmail is quite strict on security and I will tell you that finding people on Gmail is almost impossible. Well, at least from Google anyway.

How to Find People on Gmail

There are other places that you might come across that might be capable of  finding people on Gmail. The places which can offer you with tools to find people for free are called people finder sites.

Safety of Gmail vs. ISP

Unlike other internet service providers (ISP's) which include your internet protocol (IP) address in the header section of your email, Gmail does not have that. It would be quite easy for someone with the appropriate skills to trace someone's location from an IP address. So your best chance tofinding people on Gmail is to try the people locator sites, though I'm certain that the service comes at a fee.

Share Calendar Tab

There is one possible way that you can use although it is not a perfect method. You can go to the share this calendar tab, enter the email address, click add person and then save. When you come back you will find the person's name and other details there.

This method is flawed for various reasons. One being that a lot of people sign up with the same name that appears in the email or even alias names and so cannot be said to be reliable.

I will however refer you to one place where you might be able to find people based on their email address . Try a search on .




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