Free White Pages VS Yellow Pages for People Search 

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These are both online directories that can help you find information on people and businesses in the US as well as many locations in the world. This is information like names, phone numbers, addresses, businesses addresses, maps, Area/ ZIP codes and more. We are going to look at what separates one from the other and how you can benefit from them.

The differences between the two is that the information found on the White Pages is on US residents while the information found on the Yellow Pages is on businesses found in the US. It must be noted that there are also White Pages and Yellow Pages for other countries too. The White Pages also have Yellow Pages data in their database which you can access.

The White Pages

The White Pages provides information on people and businesses. Its database is one with the most information on US residents and businesses. The searches from here include name searches, phone number searches, address searches, Area/ ZIP code searches and lately, Unknown cell phone Caller ID.

With a name, phone number, address, Area/ ZIP code or unknown caller you are on your way to information on the White Pages. This is information like full names, addresses, phone numbers, ZIP/ Area code and more from here.

To search, click on the appropriate search box (“find people” if you want to search with a name, “reverse phone” when you have a phone number for your search and so on), enter the details and search. For a business search, go to the “find a business” search box, enter the name or category of the business plus city, state or ZIP code and search.

Other sites with White Pages information are and You can try searches on them too.

The Yellow Pages

The Yellow Pages is a directory with information on businesses found in the US. In short you can search for any business in the US from the Yellow Pages. You can search from the Yellow Pages using the name of the business or category it is in plus its location.

To search, go to Enter the name or category of business you are looking to find on the “what are looking for?” search bar then the location to search from on the “where” search bar and search. Your search will give you details on the business plus a map showing its location.

You can also do a reverse phone lookup from here too as well as name and address look ups. All these searches are totally free on the Yellow Pages.  

It is possible to run into White Pages information on the Yellow Pages and vice versa. All in all, for a people search the White Pages are appropriate and the Yellow Pages are ideal for a business search. Both Yellow and White Pages have one common thing in common, they offer these searches free of charge.




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