How to Find Residential Address by Name 

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Usually people lookup addresses so as to visit that person for whatever the reason. I hope it’s not for harassment purposes as I would hate to contribute to that.

It is the norm to find results like phone number, residential address as the main results on people search on the web. To achieve such an outcome needs one to know the methods and ways to follow. Below are some of the ways to follow for such an outcome.

A simple search on Google might do the trick. By just typing in the name of the person you are looking to find on Google with location, work, profession or favorite activity (sport, group, club, etc) and search. You might get a hit. An address might be among the results from your search. If your search produces no results you might consider looking up from people search sites.

Free Residential Address Search

A number of sites can let you find a residential address for free online. A site like White Pages will let you search with a name and city, state or zip code for information like a residential address and phone number.

Type the name of the individual on their search bar with the city, state or zip code and search. Results from this search usually produce a phone number, residential address, close relatives, age and more depending on the information available from the site’s database.

There are many other sites like the White Pages that provide a search of this nature. Example will be,, and more others.

Premium Residential Search

Premium sites do also perform basic name searches. They differ in the way they provide their services though. There are those which will let you do a onetime search for free and require you to register to continue using their services to get more information.

An example would be There are those that offer trial searches for you to check their sites out. If you feel like you want to continue using their services you then have to register.

An example would be Results from a search on these sites are more comprehensive and they have address as an outcome. Careful attention should be exercised when picking premium sites.

Other Options

You can also use a phone number to find a name and address too. Most people search sites offer these services for free. Social network searches might be fruitful too. A number of people usually use them and have a lot of data about themselves on them.