How To Find  a Person's Phone Numbers Free (Quick Start) 

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To find someone's phone number free of cost may seem easy at first but as you search through thousands of sources reality might strike and you might end up giving up. Because of the speed at which the internet is growing, there is no definitive phonebook, email address or even phone numbers; however, there are websites that come close. Check out this interesting insight

One main reason why finding a person's address free online (Whether a street address or previous address) might be a challenge is because most people don't keep the same phone or cell number for long.

Another reason is that some people may use their second name when applying for a phone line and using last names only to find a phone number is a near impossible task but not impossible. Some people don't even want their phone numbers to be listed on public records, which adds to the probability of never find the person's phone number free online.

Phone numbers vary by area 

This means that when you want to find a person's  phone number online, you need to narrow it down by a residential address. If you do know where the person lives then you will be able to narrow your search. Some of the recommendations below are based on the fact that you have at least narrowed the "phone number search" by a residential area e.g. city or block if possible. 

You can check this article on how to find residential addresses

Use people in your phone book 

Most often we keep a circle of friends - this means that about 80% of people you have in your phone book are acquainted in one way or the other. To find someone's phone number free by asking people who are in your phone book might just work. It is interesting how the things we take for granted usually prove to be a catalyst for a major break through. 

Use online telephone directories 

We said earlier that if you know the  person's physical address, then it is possible to find his or her phone number. This is especially true if you know the person's first and last name as well (see this article on how to find a name).  Online telephone directories and whitepages allow you to find people, business listings, phone numbers and listings. You can try Alexandria - one of the few phone directory sites that boast of a global coverage. 

Find out where he or she works 

Most companies have their employee profiles listed on the company's website or rather you may find that the person has reports posted by the company on some pages. Logging on to the company site and using the search engine found there might prove to be a winner. Type the name of the person as you know it and if nothing comes up use other alternatives like the person's position in the company and probably his or her nickname. The latter is uncommon in company documentation but when you really need to find someone's phone number free, be open to trying out anything. 

Use Google operators 

Google is the king of search - you can use it to find people's addresses or phone numbers free online. Using the Google operator phonebook will search residential listings, and the phone book operator will search all phone listing. Learn more way to use Google People search for free here. When you click the link you will learn on how to use Google Reverse Phone Number, Finding Peopl on GmailUsing Google to Find Phone Location and more.

Other great sources to use for finding people's phone number free  

You can visit other great websites like Phonewolf, which covers countries like Australia, New Zealand and the USA and other directories of free reverse phone number look ups. If you want to unravel the mystery of the odd numbers you find on your phone PhoneSearch is for you. PhoneSearch central can provide accurate information so you can easily identify people who call you or who own the phone number that is showing up on your caller ID.




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