How to Find Out Who a Phone Number Belongs To 

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This site is one of the places that attempt to help those that want to find who a phone number belongs to . Phone number searches have been a part of people searches for many years now and it is now quite simple to track a phone number successfully.

Using some of the services that are mentioned in the following paragraphs you should be able to search successfully too.

Whilst it has become a common phenomenon to rely on the white pages which can be viewed at, this directory is for numbers that are in the USA only. That means if you are elsewhere in the world and you want to find out who a phone number belongs to you would need the white pages directory of where you are or the country you wish to search through.

Fortunately quite a number of countries have followed suit and also made available their copies of the telephone directory available online. Which means that you can now find who a phone number belongs to for any country that has a white pages listing. The white pages are one of the best ways to identify the owners of phone numbers because the information is supplied by the service providers. This means it can be counted on to be reliable.

Go to and you will find various international white pages for different countries. All you have to do is select the directory that you are interested in and search through it. The search to find who a phone number belongs to is called the reverse lookup. So in each directory you will find this option and this is the one that you should select to search.

You will be given the option to enter the number in the recommended format and then search. If the search can pick up the number from the directory then it will display the associated results. That is how simple a reverse look up for a phone number is.




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