How to Find a Persons Phone Number For Free 

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Phone number searches are among the easiest people searches that can be done on the net. If you want to find a person's phone number for free then you will get some ideas from the following article on how you can go about this search.

A lot of the countries now have their own copies of their local telephone directories available online. So it does not matter which part of the world you are from you can look up international phone numbers online .

One of the first online telephone directories was the USA telephone directory in the form of . If you want to find a person's phone number at no cost then this is the first place that I would refer you to. The directory is divided into search options to make searches easier and narrow down the results. For example you can actually browse through the phone directories of individual states if you want.

This option excludes results from other states; of people that might have the same name as that of the person you are looking for. When entering the name it is advisable to enter the first name as an initial, and then filter through the results list for the person that you want.

If you are outside the USA and you want to find a person's phone number without charge, that is not a problem either. As I mentioned earlier most countries now have their phone directories available on the net. You can go to for a list of the international white pages that are available online.

The way that the white pages are structured is very similar and you will be able to find a person's phone number free through any of them. I must point out that this applies to only those numbers that are listed. If the number that you want to find is an unlisted number you might have to look it up using some of the premium services.




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