How To Find a Birth date for Free 

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If you want to know how to find a birth date for free then you are in the right place. Birthday searches are one of the people search categories that are quite simple to look up. The only challenge is that there are usually numerous results that are returned for a single search.

This is because when looking up birthdays you search using the person’s name. If there is more than one person using that name as well, you will get the results for all those people.

To avoid this you can look for people’s birthdays through the social networking sites. This is because one of the details included in the profile when registering or signing up is the date of birth. This is optional of-course but there are very few people who leave it blank and so you can find a birth date for free from such places.

If you consider the numbers of people that are using Facebook, Twitter, MySpace and other such similar networks then you will see that this is a lot of people profiles with free information. Most of these places allow you to search for people through their networks from their home pages. However to be able to access information such as birthdays you would need to be part of the network.

Also depending on the level of privacy of the person whose birthday you want, you might have to be part of their friends’ network. One place that you can use to find a birth date for free that does not have so many restrictions is . From here you can search for friends, family and relatives.

Once you locate the person that you want you can have a look at their public profile. One of the things that should be there is the date of birth of the person. This is one way to
 find a birthdate for free . Remember you can also try some of the other social networks that I mentioned.




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