How to Find Anyone Anywhere Free of Charge  

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Each and every day we meet people that make a difference in our lives but later on lose touch. If you want to get in touch with them again and want to know how to find anyone free on the internet then read through this guide. It will give you tips you can use when trying to locate someone for free.

How to Find People Free 

Every day new ways of how to find anyone free online are being created and old ones are being improved. That is why you should try many sites to look for people instead of using the same one all the time. This will increase your chances of getting new information on people and learning how to find people for free 

Using Name to Find Anyone 

One of the places you can try to do this free people search is . This place allows you to search using the name (don't know the name? see this name search ). If you want to use a phone number or a social security number then you have to pay for the search. Background searches are not at all free.  

We do know a few places that you can use at not charge to search for the phone number , SSN  & background checks .

When you get to this place you have to enter the person’s full name and the state where they live in.

The results will consist of a full name, phone number and address.

If you click on any of the links (on the name) then you will be taken to where you can do an advanced search. 

Using to Find People 

Another site that you can try to use is . This site also lets you look for people using their name. You can also do a public records search, business search, email lookup, background, reverse phone search, death records search and property report lookup. 

The results will include address (previous city), full name, relatives and age if available.

This information may not be much but you can use the relatives section to look for any people you may recognize. The previous cities may also help since it may have been a long time since you’d seen the person and they may have changed cities at least three times. We do have a guide on how to find previous addresses on this site.

These may all help when trying to educate yourself on how to find anyone free on the internet or when you want to find people for free.

Since the information is not a lot then you can take what they provide (address or phone number) and use that to search from another site. There are actually sites that will let you look for someone using a phone number.

You simply put in the number then search. Results normally give you the location of the number and the owner or owners. The reason there may be different owners is that numbers are changed a lot and one number can be used by different people but at different times.

Additional Information

You can use a street address to find people for free. One place that allows this search is You just enter the address and search and you will get information on the people or person who resides there. The information received here is usually accurate and can be trusted.




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