Facebook search: The Complete Tutorial

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Facebook is one of the well known social networks where people come together to share interests and beliefs. If you want to find out how to do a Facebook people search then you can go through this guide. It will help you with tips you can use when looking for people  on Facebook.

Looking for People on Facebook 

Do you want to know how to do a Facebook people search? The first thing you need to know about looking for people on social networks is that you have to have an account so that your search can be easy.

So the first thing you have to do if you don’t have an account is create one (sign up) and if you have one you just have to sign in/login. Once you login then you are ready to do your search .

Searching Through Find Friends Page to Find People  

The first place that you can try when searching  is the ‘find friends’ page. Here you will get a chance to look for people by hometown, country, school, company and mutual friends.

Next to this is usually a long list of people (names + pictures) that you can look through. When you enter a school or hometown then on the right will be the people on FB  that went to the school or that live in that hometown.


You can choose to use any of the options when doing this search.

Using Advanced Search 2.2 Beta to Find People on Facebook 

Another method you can use if you want to know how to do a Facebook people search  is using Facebook advanced search 2.2 beta. You first have to install this application before you can use it. Once it has been installed successfully then you can use it. Login to your account and choose the advanced search 2.2 beta option to see a page like the one below.


You can then choose the find people option to proceed with your lookup.


You can search using the name, address or age (date of birth). You don’t have to fill in all the spaces (search field). Actually you have a better chance of finding someone if you don’t fill in all the fields.

You can also choose to search from any of the options given (groups, applications, web, MySpace, posts and band or business or celebrity pages). They all give you information you can use.

The results or information you get from this search is not just data on people who use the advanced search only. It retrieves information on anyone who allowed or agreed that search engines and other web directories can access their information.

So if the person you want chose not to be viewed or be accessible to other searchers then you will not get any data from this search or any other search on Facebook.

I hope this guide on how to do a Facebook people search will help you as you search for people on FB. Feel free to leave a comment below.

Additional Information

When looking for people on Facebook, people usually use the search bar that is at the top (when you enter your Facebook page). There you just enter the person’s name (or nickname, username) and search. The results will include all the people who use that name. You can then go through that list to find the one you want.




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